Sample registration

  • Home-Screen
    Home screen

  • NeuerEingang
    Input mask for a new diagostic sample. Data can be entered manually or can be grabbed from existing sample tracking systems (SQL-Server).

  • NeuerEingang-Forschung
    Input mask for a new research sample. Samples can be grouped into projects for better overview.

DNA/RNA extraction and concentration measurement

  • WorkflowDNA
    DNA/RNA Workflow

  • Extraktion
    Select your extraction method und print out labels for standard 1.5ml reaction tube (optional).

  • RNAseP
    Automatic generation of sample sheets and hand-outs for pipetting for qPCR-based methods (e.g. RNAseP oder library-QC). One-click import and calculation of results.

NGS library preparation

  • Library
    Form for library generation. Supports IonXpress- and IonCodeTag-Barcodes. Manage yout library kit lot charges for QM procedures.

  • Library Adjust
    Adjust für DNA input amount or PCR cycles. Print out labeles for your library tubes (optional).

  • Pipettierschema Library
    Bench side pipetting scheme for library preparation.

Pool creation, sequencing run and data transfer

  • Pool
    Select libraries for your sequencing pool and print out the respective pipetting scheme.

  • Auswahl Sequenzierchemie
    Select your IonTorrent sequencing chip and chemistry. The ionLIMS generates a csv-file that can be used within the sample plan chevron of the TorrentSuite software.

  • Pipettierschema Library
    Pipetting scheme for library dilution and pool creation.


  • Pool
    Overview page of the ionLIMS analysis module.

  • AnalyseFall
    Analysis view. Variants are grouped into non-synonymous and synonymous/intronic variants. Variant scoring helps in evaluation. Start additional analysis and reporting tools with the icons in the upper panel.

  • Fusionanalyse
    RNA fusion module.

Variants and analysis tools

  • VariantDetails
    Detailed view of all variant annotations.

  • BamCounter BRCA
    BamCounter module: Allows enhanced bam-file analysis, e.g. for homopolymeric regions. Customizable on request.

  • CNV-Analysis
    CNV analysis module.